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My Big Brother

Dear big brother, You big bully, You ungrateful rat, You so called miser, Who do you think you are? A king of a kingdom? Or a president of a state? Let me tell you who you are – You are nothing but a nag. Always bossing like a lion, Who becomes a cat in front of our father. Always busy in giving me orders, And too lazy to get a [...]

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Leave Dhaka or live in Dhaka  

Dhaka- the capital city of Bangladesh with 17 million people is termed as the 4thworst city to live in; where the 1st position is occupied by Damascus -the war torn capital city of Syria; the 3rd position is also awarded to a war torn city that is Tripoly, the capital city of Lybia.Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria gets 2nd position (Business Insider, UK; 15 December, 2017). The population density [...]

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Bengali Muslims people’s , Are they Bengali or Muslims ?

Farzana Kazi ( Translate by Shipta Barua ): Bengali Muslim’s identity are better to Bengali of their. Because, their Muslim’s identity is first and last is Bengali, they are hesitate and can’t accept even so bengali. They are Muslim’s, not of the Bengali, Many Muslim’s people’s Folks of this country. Because, the words is “Bengali” are Hindus words, they think so. Bengali Muslims are the ethnic, linguistic and religeous communities [...]

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Want to recognize the genocide of 1971 war

 Want to recognize the genocide of 1971 war Ajanta Dev Roy Bangladesh Genocide 1971.The most horrific genocide in history is how neglected, unrecognized at the international level is being understanded by takinf admission in SOAS at MSC in Politics of Conflicts, Rights & Justice. While studying the horror of the massacre and the politics of the back, almost all of the academically recited books are studying Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, Nanking [...]

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The Significance Of 21st February And Our Glory

Shipta Barua ( Translate By Sanjida ): The Bengali Language Movement was a cultural and political movement that took place in East Pakistan ( present Bangladesh). In order to protect the fundamental rights, this movement, surrounded by the Bengali language, is the manifestation of mass voters for establishing it as the state language of Pakistan. Although this movement was finalized on 21 February 1952, in reality its seeds were sacked [...]

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Murshed Alam Shakil One day I will lose going on, will be some footprints lying there. Gradually those signs may also be dissipated in nature. Then no one else will notice flowers in my flower garden. Some flower beds will die, some flower beds may or may be found in others garden. Maybe a big picture of mine will be hanged on the wall of my room. When a silly [...]

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But Communist !

Labani Mandal: Good people, progressive, atheist, patriot, nationalist, humanitarian, struggling, rebellious, feminist, even then! But communist! That is a materialist philosophy. To attain the philosophy, every thing above is to be 'human' with the challenge, to become a communist. The number of communists in the count is very low, there are two groups in the list. And everyone else has played some role in some society in some way. It [...]

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Student Politics Has Been Lost,The Only Hope Is Student Parliament

Shariful Hasan (Translate By Sanjida): Worst Sidor is going on the Student politics of Bangladesh. There is currently no student parliament in any university in Bangladesh. Jahangirnagar University recently announced the schedule of the student council elections, but the move of the main organization of the student organization of the two groups has broken the move. On March 21, 2012,25 students of Dhaka university writ to the High Court for [...]

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Jol Chobi

Himangshu Dev Barman ( Translate By Sanjida ): Before sending the story to the newspaper, Shawon went to Bonna to show it. Her mind was not good. Still they started to read. As it was written by Shaon. Shawon could see the smile in the whole story at her face. The story was actually written about Bonna. So she was having fun. But seeing the last part, the face of [...]

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Wins Non-Communalism

Ajanta Deb Roy (Translate by Sanjida): A 'Loathing|’ group has been launched to create a hostile hatred of those words - 'secular' 'secularism' 'non-communalism'. Where the real meaning of 'non-communalism' / 'secularism' is the harmonious coexistence with equal rights of all religions and beliefs, those 'haters' want to mean 'secularism' means 'religionlessness' or 'Racism'. Their aim is to bring religious majority to religious people in Bangladesh against the spirit of [...]

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